1963 3/4 Ton 4x4.


flatback74: Glad to find this forum. I have a 1966 short box , with coils... I started the rebuild back when I was in high school ( like 18 years ago ) . Its half done now, with sand blasted frame, repainted. and body parts ,fenders and interior all removed painted Aug 23, 2013 15:27:21 GMT -7
flatback74: My question: it seems the general consensus from this thread is that its easier by far to keep these trucks on their frames or swap to suburban frame 73-87 because of the hump. Is this correct? Aug 23, 2013 15:28:46 GMT -7
flatback74: Im asking here because I see a lot of different answers on the web... Im looking for something to drive with, not a show vehicle, and I can weld, but do not want lots of work or a mega project Aug 23, 2013 15:30:02 GMT -7
patrick: Hi I'm a new member. I've owned my 60 for 15 years now. Bought it from "back yard body shop" I've kept her running, now it's time to strip her down and do her justice. How do I know if I have an Apache? Aug 27, 2013 8:28:20 GMT -7
scotty: Hey all,just got on board.Hopefully the info and insights I get will help me get further into the world of old trucks. Oct 18, 2013 10:10:12 GMT -7
Dave Young: I apologize for all the spam. I've neglected my admin duties and, for that, I'm sorry. I'm on the hunt for the spammers and will clean them out. Also, I'm in the process of implementing a new forum which will, hopefully, solve a lot of these problems. Jan 29, 2014 14:09:41 GMT -7
peanut: I am looking for a place to get polished stainless steel bed slats for a 1966 long bed and bolt kit the same Mar 12, 2014 15:17:12 GMT -7
450hp66c10: Excited to learn a few things about my 66 c10 just got it 2 weeks ago I have always been a camaro guy ready for a truck Jul 21, 2014 16:43:17 GMT -7
Apache: I'm a 70 yr old guy and just now buying a '63 Apache Aug 7, 2014 1:51:20 GMT -7
crabman19: Hi Apache. I joined the same day as you. I've got a 66 C 20 I've had for 5 years. Really love old Chev trucks. Wish I knew the answer to your hood question.....unfortunatly traffic here has been slow the last few days. Aug 9, 2014 20:52:31 GMT -7
Apache: No problem crabman. The answer is yes. I'm selling my '54 c10 and looking for a '63. I'm not looking to do another build so I'm really looking for a daily driver with a decent body. Kinda like a good woman. LOL Aug 10, 2014 21:00:10 GMT -7
crabman19: aw, but like a good woman that can be hard to find, lol. Aug 15, 2014 10:13:08 GMT -7
Apache: Oh man, don't I know it. Aug 16, 2014 1:52:48 GMT -7
crabman19: :D Aug 17, 2014 20:32:50 GMT -7
sunshinechevy66: Hello :) anyone know if its possible to turn my c10 into 4x4 ? Aug 30, 2014 17:43:41 GMT -7
jakerc20: does anyone know where i can get a rolling frame for a 64 c10 in tucson az Sept 9, 2014 11:04:39 GMT -7
builder: Any one know if Toyota 6 lug late model truck, 4runner or fj cruiser rims will fit on a stock 64-65 or 66 chevy c10 wheel? the bolt pattern seems the same, the center hole is my unknown. i am talking about some stock take off 17 inch Toyota truck rims. Dec 6, 2014 19:58:50 GMT -7
builder: pantano and golf links a dude is parting out oneyou will see it in his front yard between golflinks and escalante. for you jaker20 im restoring a66 in tucson. Dec 6, 2014 20:02:29 GMT -7
partridge1962: I'm new here and trying to figure out my way around. I have a 1962 C10 long bed with a 355 engine with original rear end. I want to change the rearend to something very low around 3:08----ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR ME? Mar 28, 2015 6:51:03 GMT -7
partridge1962: well 3:08 is very high not low my fault Mar 28, 2015 6:51:54 GMT -7